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General tourist information on Sanya Isle

Sanya is China's southernmost city, as a result of the initial position on the development of tourism in Sanya did not carry out any industrial development, the building is the best-star hotel, combined with his in the tropics, temperature four seasons, is ideal for winter vacation and leisure.In the build tourist attractions, Sanya not thought to spend less, the Nanshan scenic area that is closely "Shoubinanshan" built. Area within 108 meters up to older sister as the Goddess of Mercy, is said to the United States than the Statue of Liberty is also high. This is not the most attractive places: the South China Sea with wide, 108 m is still small, is always a force of nature beyond the human.Nanshan from the play that is 20 yuan to the scenic corners of the earth, set up like a big entrance to the park, in the face of the stone, engraved Shuitianyise side, a carved Shanmenghaishi. However, the ends of the earth may be a piece of stone, would have a good standing there, I do not know Hao Shizhe by a day, inscribed with the words, the fate completely changed. If the first visit to the ends of the earth do you think of it familiar to see if one side goes to enlarge the circle II with a face value of the yuan on the back of the see.Wuzhizhoudao in recent years the rise of the attractions, was a naval base, then was later changed to civilian private contractors. As the development of a short time, not too many visitors, and as a coral island, the sea water, the quality of the beaches are excellent. In addition to the natural environment, here are beyond the imagination of the hardware, decorated wooden sea rather tropical, the house air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, computers were readily available, and also has a swimming pool next to the huts. Wuzhizhoudao to spend the night in the price is not low, but the absolute value for money.If you are brave enough, try diving into the ship and shore diving submersible, the former away from the shore near the area, which will ship out to sea, more challenging. Initial proposals from the shore diving submarine test onwards, wearing a wet suit carrying oxygen bottles into the sea, peace can only be seen in the Discovery Channel's close encounter with marine life, both wonderful and fantastic.Do not miss the city on the coast to eat seafood, and in Sanya, it is necessary to Spring Garden seafood market. More than 80 booths, able to accommodate 2,000 people at the same time, at night, the scene is very spectacular. In addition to the large, well-known Spring Garden so that it's also the kind of self-help and a half points in the form of meal, you can own the market to pick seafood store, to the Italian food stall to stall, and then waiting to eat good.Sanya's reputation in recent years, although not very good, but on the whole, even if only to feel its natural landscape and clean environment, to a very worthwhile. Before the best is to formulate a more detailed plan, a lot of walking a few places at the same time in the near future to find out the cost of transportation and prices, to avoid being deceived non-performing vendors.The self-service, Sanya travel more mature market, as long as your travel plans to develop more or less, will be able to search for your line, the reliable Web site, airline tickets, hotel, car, time will be able to get.Sanya basic informationHistory: Guchengyazhou Sanya, as early as the Qin Shi Huang's time to set the South San Jun, Ya Zhou is one of the elephant-gun. Han is now in the town of Sanya City to set up a cliff Zhuyajunzhi, Sui-based Pro-gun vibration, vibration of the Tang Dynasty replaced by the state. China's Song Dynasty to the southern tip of the county-level scale. In 1987 the State Council for approval in Sanya City upgraded to cities. Beijing 2007 Olympic Organizing Committee announced that Sanya into 08 domestic Beijing Olympic Games torch relay in the first leg.Area: 1919.58 square kilometersMajor ports: Sanya to Hong Kong, Yulin Gang, Hong Kong and Nanshan, the furnace in Hong Kong, six in Hong KongThe main Gulf: Sanya Bay, Begonia Bay, Yalong Bay, Yazhou Bay, Cable Bay, Moon BayThe main island: West Island Mao 2.12 square kilometers, 1.05 square kilometers centipede Toki Island

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