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  Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel
  Days Hotel &Suites Sanya Resort
  Sanya Shengyi Hotel
  Eadry Resort Hotel,Sanya
  Holiday Inn Sanya Bay Resort
  Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya(Hot Spring Resort)
  Dragon Bay Hotel Sanya
  Sheraton Sanya Resort
  Palm Beach Resort & Spa
  Pearl River Garden Hotel, Sanya

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Sanya Shengyi Seaview Hotel

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General tourist information on Sanya diving

The warm climate, water quality, colorful corals, a variety of tropical fish and other undersea plant, so that Sanya, Hainan has become the best diving activities. Diving tourism activities, there are two options: take the dive boat and dive directly.By diving vessels, including submarines and Tourism: Sanya City is located in the East China Sea "on the 1st Air Brigade," a submarine tour allows visitors to see the seabed, through closed-circuit television landscape. Underwater tour of the entire 50 minutes.Semi-submersible boats Harbor: at Yalong Bay in Sanya City. Dive to 1.7 meters, visitors through the seat next to the window glass fiber reinforced plastic considerable undersea coral and tropical fish. The whole tourist trip Harbor about 1 hour.Snorkeling and diving can be direct: to provide every guest a diving glasses, breathing tubes, life jackets and webbed feet, from snorkeling guides on the knowledge and attention to the matter, snorkeling and sightseeing tour along the water, the main activities in the 1-3 meters The shallow waters.Scuba diving: Diving visitors to wear special clothing and diving equipment, training by the coach about half an hour, carrying bottles of compressed air in diving, led by coach into the seabed. Dive depth ranging from 4-15 meters.Night diving: diving during the day and the difference is that with the voice of the flashlight, diving submarine during the night even more mysterious, more stimulating. Harbor walk: wearing anti-gas hood pressure, along with the coach, accompanied by boat through the ocean floor staircase went 4-5 meters water depth of the seabed around the coral. The whole trip about 20-30 minutes.Address: Yalong Bay in Sanya City / Sanya City in the East China SeaTickets: TicketsDiving prices of the type of diving as a result of price changes, single people from 150 yuan to 1,200 yuan range.Opening hours: 12:00 - 19:00

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