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Sanya Tourist Landmarks: Alice Bar, Sanya coffee bar on the left bank

The beautiful coffee bar located on the left bank of the Sanya Bay, near Sanya International Ferry Terminal, is a full of local and national characteristics of the old village pub. Let it in, not all the huts filled with natural, simple, and the old hometown pregnant. Without too much of the language, physiognomy each other better.Jin on the left bank of the small fence and cut off logs cut and polish the coffee bar on the left bank of six characters reflect each other up and down, the two boats have quietly climbed up the first window, warm from the Ivy League alongside the vessel out of the window at the waves, gentle breeze to Xu, Fishes more romantic. The mosaic at the entrance door of a couplet amazing is that it is hard to use conch, "every happiness from the hard-to-get, the more expensive to suffer from." This pair of China for thousands of years of doing business the right to be careful not to couplet Main used to let this small number of additional Guxiangguse.On the left bank of taste, here is not only coffee and wine, and authentic PIZZA Italy's face, this may be true in the traditional sense of the Bar it! Sixteen of the four classic series of Pisa, is a professional chef, pizza is delicious. Of course, the taste is not only delicious, and the best music, pure on the left bank of the French chanson, as well as Johnny bistro on the left bank of the romantic music to the people of the 1930s. In addition, the bar is also a professional musician playing Decent show for children, many of the masters are friends, there are occasionally wander about the guest, as long as you want, music is pure, even if only a guitar in his hands.Sentiment on the left bank, you open the main bar is emotional, whether you are tourists, or seekers can explore the company's white-collar workers, "as long as you like music and nostalgia, the consumer is not welcome." "Leaving a bar on the left bank, just want to walk home" was a guest to France on the left bank of the best gifts, saying it has been injected into the main business philosophy, of course, is the largest owner of the wishes, expectations on the left bank of the world Well-known brand to every culture into the left bank of the best and most romantic memories.At night, backed by red lanterns on the left bank of the night and felt discouraged, and blue stars give light into the dream as if through a glass window to see Sanya Bay quietly off the blinking star to a glass of red wine, a book materials, immersion In the beautiful music, you will feel that they are fully relaxed, and some of the everything, but do not worry and stress.Address: Sanya, Hainan light on the 8th Street 0898-88958798: 30-300 per capita consumption of 40 yuan -

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