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Sanya Transportation

As Hainan's second big city, Sanya is business center and the transportation key position city in south of island, Have the scheduled flight, the steamboat leading to the domestic and foreign big cities. In the local of Sanya, take the Sanya river as the Boundary, the east of the river is Sanya's business district and the traveling transportation center, the central station, the east station of automobile, the west station, the Sanya port, the train station all concentrates in the east of the river; In the west of river distributes the Sanya various governments to manage meets the organization. Take the public transportation, the rental car as the main transportation way in the local city.

External traffic

The airport is located the Yanglan town phoenix village of northwest of Sanya, the Sanya phoenix international airport is apart from the urban district 20 kilometers, the Sanya phoenix airport is south Hainan the biggest international air harbor and the only civil airfield. Already cleared Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan, Qingdao, Shenzhen and so on the domestic 23 cities route and Singapore, makao, Hong Kong, Malaysian, Thai, Seoul, Osaka, the Tokyo 9 international airways.

Water Carriage
The Sanya coast harbor has Yulin, Sanya, Tielu, Yalong, Baoping, Tengqiao, Jiaotou, Anyou and so on 18 harbors, Sanya harbor is the harbor carries both passengers and cargo, the passenger transportation steamboat goes directly to places such as Guangzhou, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Sanya central station is in the No2 road of liberation road, every day has the long-distance bus sends out the entire province various counties city service, every 20 minutes can have the express train special line send out the seaport. The central station also has long-distance bus sends out the province and so on Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, every day approximately is 20 orders.

Internal traffic

One of Sanya's main transportation vehicles is the public transportation, may arrive the Sanya various villages and towns and the scenic site. The public transportation boards basically all can have the seat, not the crowded phenomenon in general big city.

Sanya have very many taxi, also very convenient, in Sanya for the main transportation vehicle, one is Sanya quite is small, do not have to hit table 5 Yuan to be possible to arrive the central city any place. Czechoslovakia reaches, vehicle type the and so on Sangtana, rich Kang, seahorse, wonderful Switzerland rental car start price 3 kilometers 6 Yuan, a kilometer price is 1.50 Yuan/kilometers. Xia Li, Jili, Lingyang vehicle type start price 3 kilometers 5 Yuan, a kilometer price is 1.30 Yuan/kilometers.

Other transportation vehicles
Traveling in Sanya, except rides outside the public transportation, the taxi, but also has the very many transportation vehicle to be possible to choose.
Like go to the automobile rent company, rents an automobile, goes through the simple formalities, might start off. Sanya as well as Hainan's road condition all quite good, The management of rental automobile profession is good, moreover is quite mature, therefore the choice rents a car the automatic pilot, said regarding the automatic pilot fan, is compares the fashion and the comfortable traveling way. Other like chartered car traveling three forms of karma and the island, rent the bicycle in the hotel, rides the human-drawn cart to stroll Sanya, all is the quite economical tour way.

Sanya pictures

Sanya Port
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