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Travel guide of Sanya

Natural Landscapes of Big and Small Rock Caves
The seamount marvelous sight (also names small dwelling place of Buddhist immortals) to be located the seashores which is west of Sanya 40 kilometers place, is apart from the ends of the earth approximately 13 kilometers. This scenery is discovered by the Song Dynasty Jiyang armed force, then established by MaoKui who is the Cliff state defending. Here has the unusual beautiful seascape, the mountain scenery and the stone scenery at the same time, the seamount side, complements each other, affords a marvellous view. Cliff state bay arc string hundred miles, ten thousand hectares Ocean waves; The cloud is deep and the forest green jade of Aoshan mountain, the crag wonderful and hole is quiet; The seacoast everywhere is strange size stone group. Between mountain sea is like a plain exquisite long volume calligraphy and painting. In the tour area still had the historical glorious celebrity to win the mark, until now have "the small dwelling place of Buddhist immortals", "the fishing platform", "the seamount marvelous sight", "the immortal ladder", "immortal trace", "tries the sword peak" and so on all previous dynasties prose inscription carved on a cliff face carved stone.
The Tang Dynasty eminent monk reflects sincere Japan to keep monk student Rong Rui, Puzhao and XiangYan, and so on a line (748 years) fifth time to travel to the east Japan in the Tang Dynasty in tianbao seven years, meets the typhoon drift to here disembarks in marine, restores the big cloud temple in this, disseminates the Buddhism culture, leaves behind the century charming story. Now here is completed reflects the real buddhist priest and its disciple's large-scale granite group sculpture.

Wuzhizhou island
Ancient called "the ancient Qi continent", the area is 1.48 square kilometers, in the seacoast 2.7 kilometers sea levels away from northeast Sanya, is around Hainan Island few in number has the fresh water resources and the rich vegetation's island. Approaches the Hainan east line highway, the position is superior, the transportation is convenient. May ride the present China biggest hovercraft, can carry passengers 70 people "aquatic to float" to the island.
The Wuzhizhou island is the tropics marine climate, whole year temperate is cool, the four seasons joy person, is takes vacation, the leisure, evades, the wintertime swimming, the entertainment ideal destination coldly. On the island has 2,000 many kinds of plants, the tree big tall and straight, the bush cover is luxuriant. East and south of this island, the high point elevation is 79.9 meters, the cliff rises steeply, its under reef is extreme, startled waves strikes the stone, the spray like snow. West and north the topography gradually puts down, a curved sand beach, the quality of sand is white. Rotary island sea area water is clear to see the bottom, is rich in the green snail, the trepang, the lobster, the mackerel, the sea urchin, the silver pomfret fish and the colorful tropical fish. South the waters seabed coral reef protection is very good, colorful, strange shape. At present, the Wuzhizhou island has developed 1/3, the swimming pool, the song and dance bar, the beer house, the gymnasium as well as other each kind of leisure takes vacation the facility in island northeast part. The tourist may carry on the insolation, the sea bathing on the island, but also may carry on the diving, the motor dory, the sea fishes and so on the many kinds of marine activities and the sand beach movement.

Nanwan monkey island
In 1965 on the island established the macaque protectorate, the area is 100 hectares, on the mountain the size grotto are innumerable, the wonderful crag grotesquely-shaped jagged rocks, overgrowing with heather, the trees create shaded, the four seasons fruit and flowers are frangant. This island is our country only islands macaque nature protection area. On island the scenery is beautiful, the climate is temperate, is the ideal paradise of macaque lives the multiplication. Monkey island total area is approximately 9 square kilometers, long 14 kilometers, widest place only 1 kilometer, average elevation is 150 meters. On the island has three natural villages, more than 3,000 population and more than 500 Chinese acres land. The monkey island three surrounding seases, ten thousand hectares Ocean waves, the green hill relies on one side. On the island the grotesquely-shaped jagged rocks, like a fat anchor to toss into the vast South China Sea under, surrounds in ocean waves white sand just like supports the red bunch of green jade the drawing to be equally enchanting. Here climate is temperate, the rainfall is abundant, fruit tree and so on coconut tree, litchi chinensis, pineapple, carambola everywhere, vegetation four seasons evergreen, fruit and flowers metabolism does not fade, is the typical tropics scenery. Both suits the macaque growth to multiply, and can provide sufficient food for the macaque.
The Nanwan monkey island has become monkey's paradise truly. The tourist so long as drives from the Lingshui County the coast Yudong line to travel southward 14 kilometers, arrives the new village fishing port, crossed only then 500 meter wide shallow bay while the suspension cable, a step of beach, has entered the cover the tropical jungle, can see to this advantageous " Huaguo mountain ", saw to the SunDasheng posterities free and unrestrained heaven of heavens.

Ends of the earth(Tianya Haijiao)
In most south tip of Hainan Island, is a fire imagination tour paradise.
South here near the deep blue sea, looks out into the distance the vast South China Sea, the mighty waves fluctuation, boundless, ship on a distant voyage piece by piece, white sea gull spot with spot. In the seashore the dangerous stone towers, famous "the horizon", "the cape" and "south a column" and so on carves, in the group cliff, really is the magnificent sight.
The name of "The ends of the earth", actually refers is not the geographical position, but is one kind of historical tragedy factual record. Ancient times, the Hainan Island transportation is unenlightened, unvisited, always is regarded as is far away the area south of Yellow River, the plague popular place, thus, "rebelss", "the counter feudal official" and the criminal are continuously for the feudal dynasty exile. The person exiles to here, is not dies on the way, is because the climate is unaccustomed to the climate, then also dies to after, very little has can return alive the area south of Yellow River. Therefore, every person is exiled to the cliff state, harbors the horizon all, under the cape, goes but to be difficult to turn over the feeling.

The Asian dragon bay(Yalong wan)
It is located southeast Sanya approximately 25 kilometers place, is apart from the Hainan Province capital Haikou approximately 326 kilometers. The east, north, west three sides goes around a mountain of Asian Long Wan, reveals the moon shape to hold the Chinese South China Sea. The total area is 146 square kilometers, land area is approximately 80 square kilometers, sea area is approximately 66 square kilometers. Resort area is situated at the Asian dragon bay center region, its area is 18.6 square kilometers.
In the area the sand beach is continuous extends the exceed 8 kilometers, the sand pure white exquisite, the sea water visibility deeply amounts to 7-9 meter, transparent and transparent, the extremely rich illusion color seabed world, is the Chinese best diving paradise. In resort area has the state-level natural coral protectorate and the tropics watches sea ecology landscape, the seashore flora and so on the school of fish "the mangrove forest" and rare and precious tree seed LongXue tree as well as the coverage is big, the growth good tropics natural vegetation. The relative independence, the unique scenic resources is created the condition for the development seriation for Asian Long Wan and three-dimensional.
The Asian dragon bay country traveling resort area first period development has been completed the investment to use, including has 2,000 sets of guest rooms luxuriously to take vacation the hotel and the apartment, the aquatic activity center, the butterfly valley, the shell hall, the central square, the tennis club, the golf course, the seashore bathing place and so on a series of collections tour, the assembly, the popular science watches, the entertainment dining is a body synthesis necessary facility.
The Asian dragon bay company also will promote this area tourism the subject project --- Asia dragon bay sea park, and will cause it to become the Asian unique tourist point. The Asian dragon bay international travels resort area's basic facility defers to the international standard to design, to satisfy the dual goal of development and construction. Mainly includes: Facility and so on path, for draining water, power supply, communication, fuel gas, public afforestation, public construction and environment project, the complete infrastructure constructs the good development environment and the development condition which is the Asian dragon bay has.

The deer turns head the summit park(Luhuitou Park)
Is located south the Sanya urban district the border area 3 kilometers place seashore hills, the prominent peak elevation is 275.1 meters.
The deer turns head the summit to construct a beautiful summit park, and according to beautiful fable on mountain sculpture the height is 12 meter, length is 9 meters, width is 4.9 meters giant statues. Sanya therefore is also called "the deer city". Here mountain cape and the sea spray shines, stands on the mountain may the bird's eye view vast sea, looks out into the distance the fluctuation mountain range, the Sanya panoram gets a panoramic view, scenery extremely magnificent sight. The deer turns head the park to be sinuous, is constructing the Halley's Comet observation station along the mountain, the white listens to the moist pavilion, the sweetheart island, in addition also has the monkey mountain, the deer house, the house of Li family scenic spot and so on room, turtle heaven, fish immortal pond supplies to enjoy, causes tourist so happy to forget to go back. The fresh flower on the deer turns head mountain four seasons to be in full bloom, brilliant purple and red, colorful, is more encouraging, but also may taste to the Hainan coconut tree in the valuable thing -- red coconut tree. Under the foot of deer turns head hill, In here may see to colorful the parrot school of fish, the bright with many colors sea star, the wonderful shape send the crab, the sea trepang, the sea earthworm and the precious small Asian fish, in addition also has seabed and so on sea hornbeam, virgularia, sweet viburnum, sea anemone, chicken feather grass, soft coral and sea freshwater mussel, jellyfish, sea thorn, sponge watches the thing, colorful, fire imagination.

East China Sea scenic spot
Hainan's rotary island coastline long amounts to 1,580 kilometers, coconut tree forest and shadow, the water is clear and sand is thin in the sand beach, becomes the paradise in south China to take vacation. The Sanya East China Sea is one of Hainan famous beaches. The East China Sea traveling scenic spot area is located the Sanya eastern suburb, is apart from the Sanya town 3 kilometers, adjoining with yulin harbor, turns head among two mountain tops in the rabbit tail range and the deer, is meniscus shallow water bay which forms naturally. The water surface is the crescent moon shape sand beach, south side is the vast boundless sea, is a rare seashore tour area. In East China Sea tourist area the water is clear and the sand is bend, the wind light and swell is thin. The shore beefwood, Paris green create shades, the colorful beach shell spreads on the beach, may result in at fingertips. The winter water temperature is in about 18 - 22 ?, is the wintertime swimming evades the cold paradise and takes vacation the leisure to carry on dives the sea to go sightseeing, the sea bathing, the positive light bath place of ideal.
On East China Sea seashore hill, reef strange, the spray splashes, has the concrete track to coil around on the straight summit. On the summit has repairs the stone table, the stone stool, the platform, the pavilion, takes a broad view the South China Sea, causes the human completely relaxedly. East China Sea does not have the hidden rock, the water clear and the sand is bend, the light breeze and thin wave, like spring all year round, is south our country the local most ideal seashore natural bathing beach. In the area the seashore takes vacation the tourist facility centralism but necessary, has plays the water paradise, the traveling submarine wharf, the diving and the diving base and so on, may year to year carry on many kinds of aquatic active and the sand beach sea tide, is one of Sanya area famous tourist attractions, also is the tropics seashore which the present Hainan is some scale travels resort area.

Detect secret in Seabed world
The warm climate, the high quality sea water, the colorful coral, each kind of tropical fish and other seabed plants, cause Sanya to become the best place to dive the activity in Hainan. The diving goes sightseeing the activity to have two kind of choices: While dives the ship and the direct diving.
While dives the ship including to go sightseeing the submarine: Is located the Sanya East China Sea "navigation travel" to go sightseeing the submarine to be possible to let the tourist see through the closed circuit television to the seabed view. The entire submarine travelling schedule is 50 minutes. Partly dives the type seabed pleasure boat: Is located Sanya Asia Long Wan. May dive 1.7 meters, the tourist passes nearby the seat the glass fiber reinforced plastic window considerable seabed coral and the tropics school of fish. The entire seabed goes sightseeing the travelling schedule is approximately for 1 hour.
The direct diving may dive: Provides set of pontoons, the breather pipe, the fins and the life jacket to each visitor, after dives the tourguide to explain the related knowledge and the matters needing attention, with dives the tourguide to launch together goes sightseeing, major activity is in 1 - 3 meter shallow water.
Aqualung diving: The tourist dresses special dives the bathing suit and the diving outfit, trains approximately for half hour by the training, carries the pneumatic accumulator under, leads in the diving training to the seabed. The submergence depth is different from 4 to15 meters. The night dives: Dives differently with the daytime is provides the sound the flashlight, is more mystical in at night seabed diving, stimulates. The seabed strolls: Has one's eyes tested and wear glasses the air feed to guard against presses the bow cap, accompanies with the training is suitable the pleasure boat to go nonstop to the seabed water ladder to arrive around 4 - 5 meter deep seabed coral. Entire travelling schedule is approximately 20 - 30 minutes. Submarine photograph: The specialized photograph diver with matches the submarine photograph equipment specially, in submarine provides the photography service for the tourist.

Sanya travel pictures

Avalokitesvara of South Sea
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