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Shell Conch Comes to Sanya, most important is stayed behind with the memory related to the sea, therefore you are certain bring a low-price quality merchandise the sea souvenir, other things like the coconut carving and so on, suggested buys in the Haikou, there can sell cheaply very much are more than Sanya.
The Sanya three surrounding sea, some many gentle shallow seas and tidelands, the shell, the conch and so on thing are extremely many, the local artisan makes many beautiful handicrafts with them. Sanya also has the developed pearl fish breeding and poultry raising, the production south bead has the great reputation extremely. Sanya's northern side, is the sheepfold rock-crystal, this kind of crystal clear stone is the best gift for the lover. Sanya's shopping place, mainly concentrates local scenic area as well as Sanya and so on East China Sea, ends of the earth liberates area the road. Famous has the Beijing Run pearl, the sheepfold quartz handicraft factory, the field alone South China Sea hawk's-bill turtle shop, the state guest market and an ends of the earth shopping street.

The special product in Sanya

Pearl product
The Hainan treasure shots is big and nature to be superior, the biggest "pearl king" diameter is 15.5 millimeters. The sea water pearl accessories have the necklace, the ear pendant, the boutonniere, the ring and so on, the craft fine, crystal clear is all gorgeous. Moreover, but also has the function to the health care and cosmetology. " the West bead was inferior to the east bead, east bead south was inferior to the south bead", the Hainan pearl enjoys fine reputation of "a Hainan treasure", "south crown of the bead". Because the sea water of Hainan limpidly does not have the pollution, the water temperature is suitable, in water plankton and algae content extremely rich, adapts each kind of shellfish to grow, Ma shell pearl, white butterfly shell pearl and the black pearl has the pellet in a big way, the shape circle, the bead level thick, the gloss is strong, the quality high characteristic, is in the world other national and the local cultivation pearl is unable to compare.

Woven goods
Distribute to the cloth weaves and the bamboo weaves. The cloth weaves take the Li national minority weaves the wadding as representative, the color spot billows, has design and so on blanket, cloth, waistband, skull, knapsack, skirt; The bamboo weaves then is take the ravine bamboo as the material, weaves to become both has watches the value and to have the practical value the bambooware.

Natural crystal product
Hainan produces the natural quartz, the quality is especially superior, pure shiny smooth. Hainan introduces the overseas advanced processing equipment, the high quality natural quartz process the diverse variety necklace, the bracelet, the chest decoration, the ear pendant, crystal clear exquisite, both will add the human beautiful color, and will have the health care function, will like for the domestic and foreign tourists.

Silver personal ornament
Silver ornament of Miao nationality Is ornament which the Hainan Province Miao national minority compatriot most likes. The child loves the silver personal ornament hat, the young girl loves the silver nature earring, the flower arrangement, the bangle. The Hainan Miao national minority compatriot carefully manufactures silver personal ornament craft excellent, the variety is many, like the collar and the bangle have the solid, hollow, the ornamental engraving, the column, the hexagon, angular and so on.
The Hainan Miao national minority's silver personal ornament, most is by this nationality's silversmith manufacture, the rich traditional features and the national style, the design is exquisite, wonderful workmanship.

Island clothing
Is one kind of external manifestation which Hainan's natural scenery and the human own intimate friendly. Wears covers entirely the coconut tree, the red soil, the shell, the coral design clothing, experiences and is being contaminated this well-loved place cultural spirit and the feelings. Scenic spot and so on Asian Long Wan, butterfly valley, Nan mountain, size dwelling place of Buddhist immortals, ends of the earth all can buy.

Is the rare and beautiful flowers in the sea, produces in the tropics sea, the person called "the coral is colored". Actually it already is not the plant, also is not the mineral, but is the innumerable coral polyps (one kind of life in the tropics sea area coelenterate) the remains collection shrinks the fossil to becomes, in sea natural production, grotesque, is wonderful peerlessly. The white is victory the snow, the red like blood, green resemble the jadeite, the yellow like the gold. These seabed wonderful flowers pass through again the artisans processing, is joined to the shell, the virgularia and the fine chassis, then becomes various beautiful coral bonsai.

Marine product doing vegetable
The fish drier, the dried cuttle, the trepang, the hydrus platurus linnaeus do, marine products and so on shark fin, abalone, is being located the aquatic product wharf the great wild goose port market to have everything expected to find. The dried cuttle quality is better compared to other seashore cities, the pulp is exquisite.

Sanya special product pictures

Pearl Natural crystal coral
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