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  Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel
  Days Hotel &Suites Sanya Resort
  Sanya Shengyi Hotel
  Eadry Resort Hotel,Sanya
  Holiday Inn Sanya Bay Resort
  Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya(Hot Spring Resort)
  Dragon Bay Hotel Sanya
  Sheraton Sanya Resort
  Palm Beach Resort & Spa
  Pearl River Garden Hotel, Sanya

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Sanya Shengyi Seaview Hotel

Sanya Overview

Sanya is the most south tip of city in Chinese, is the Chinese only internationalization tropics coastal traveling city. Is located between the north latitude 18°09 ' - 18°37 ', the east longitude 108°56 ' - 109°48 '. East neighbour Lingshui County, north depends on Baoting County, west adjoins Ledong County, south near South China Sea. The whole city area is 1919.58 square kilometers, in which plans the urban district area is 37 square kilometers. The length of east and west is 91.6 kilometers, the north and south extend is 51 kilometers. North the entire boundary depends on the mountain, south is near the sea, the topography inclines gradually from the north to the south, forms a long and narrow shape the polygon. Within the boundaries the coastline is 209.1 kilometers, have size harbor 19. The major port has the Sanya port, the Yulin harbor, the Nanshan port, the iron furnace port, Liudao ports and so on. The main bay has the Sanya bay, the Hypericum bay, Yahlong bay, the Yahzou bay, the big east sea bay, the moon bay and so on. Has size islands 40, main islands 10, the big area has the Ximaozhou island, it is 2.12 square kilometers, Wuqizhou island is 1.05 square kilometers. The urban district three goes around a mountain, north has the Baobo range, east has the Dahui range, the Hubao range and the Gao range (dog range) which elevation is 393 meter, south has the southern region range, forms surrounds the potential, the mountain ridge is continuous, the fluctuation each level clearly demarcated,; At the same time, sierra extending divides into the urban district the space which certain green hills encircles, has provided the unique spatial landscape environment for the city different area. Looked on the sea, the hills like green barrier shone Sanya charming to be varied. The multitudinous mountain-top also provided commanding point which looked into the distance from a high place the sea, the river bend and the city landscape. Sanya faces the South China Sea, the bay are many, the multitudinous bay has the beautiful scenery respectively. East China Sea which is in the urban district, small East China Sea, the Sanya bay are to be closes twith the resident lives. The marine east, west two islands are as if face the South China Sea a front door, increased for the broad sea level, the sea fog had fluttered among, two islands covered, increased naturally several minute mysticalness; Strolls the sand beach, symbolizes the deer as Sanya to turn head. Sanya has east, west two rivers passed through the urban district, two rivers overlapping Nanhui in south border and coastal, north overlapping the end of the Zhong island, natural waterfront winding changeable, upstream the network of rivers and lakes spreads across, both banks grow naturally the mangrove forest green shade dances, when has the waterfowl to fly the retrievable arrow with a string attached to it, the fish leap beautifully colored fish, the view is exquisite, vitality abundant.
The Sanya urban district is situated in such one kind which is serene and beautiful and take the mountain, the sea, the river as in the characteristic natural environment, the city construction pays attention to the city and the natural landscape environment, the ecological environment coordinated relations, "the mountain -- sea -- river -- city" the ingenious combination, the unified whole, constituted the Sanya urban district unique environment characteristic.

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