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  Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel
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  Sanya Shengyi Hotel
  Eadry Resort Hotel,Sanya
  Holiday Inn Sanya Bay Resort
  Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya(Hot Spring Resort)
  Dragon Bay Hotel Sanya
  Sheraton Sanya Resort
  Palm Beach Resort & Spa
  Pearl River Garden Hotel, Sanya

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Sanya Shengyi Seaview Hotel

Sanya History

The Sanya ancient name is cliff state, the history is glorious, well-established. In March, 1992 the archaeologist started to discover 10,000 year ago Sanya person ruins in the Luobi hole, Take the history of Hainan human before two or three thousands, It is the earliest humanity live ruins are ahead of time at the present known of Hainan Island, also was our country paleolith culture distribution most south ruins until now; Area the coast also discovers the ancient Persian's grave group. As early as in Chin Shihhuang time establishment south three county, the cliff state is one of them elephant county. The Han Dynasty set up the bead cliff county in the present Sanya cliff cities to govern, Sui dynasty set up the Zhen county, the Tang Dynasty changes to the Zhen state. Song Dynasty becomes the most south tip of place level scale state county in our country. Because it is far away the imperial capital, orphaned hangs the overseas, Sanya continuously is called since the ancient times "the ends of the earth". Therefore Sanya is censures the official to exile place of the government official exile since the ancient times. In 1912, the cliff state changed to cliff county, in 1950 April cliff county is liberated, established the county people's government, in 1954 October the Chinese Communist Party cliff county \ party committee, the county government and the directly subordinate organ moved to Sanya from the cliff city. In 1958 with the Baoting, the lingshui and the wanning prosperous Niulou area merge for cliff county (big county), In 1959, 1961 separated successively, establishment the Baoting, Lingshui County. Cliff county retains presently governs the region. On May 19, 1984 authorized by economy State Council to abolish Cilff county to set up Sanya city (county level). On September 26, 1987, State Council authorized Sanya to promote for locally administered level. On December 30, the Sanya locally administered level officially had been established in the same year, license work.

Sanya Ends of the earth(Tianya Haijiao)

Ends of the earth(Tianya Haijiao)
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