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Sanya Cuisine

tropics fruit The Sanya diet is not far differ from the Haikou, can taste to each kind of seafood of Sanya, the tropics fruit, the characteristic drinks as well as the Hainan entire island various counties characteristic diet, Hainan's four big famous cuisine (wenchang chicken, east goat, aggradation duck, and happy crab) also can eat to quite typically in Sanya's restaurant.
The abalone, the trepang, the shark fin are in Sanya's sea three treasures, the nutritional value is extremely high, is regarded as the valuable thing in the locality. The scylla serrata, the blood clam, the oyster and the lobster and so on also all are the rare delicacy, it is said, the local fish, the shrimp, the crab must is more delicious than the shellfish and the gastropods. The fish very difficult to taste, steams the grouper, the Li fish is flesh tender tasty, certainly must taste, each kind of shrimp like diked-in coastal field shrimp, the shrimp, the lobster, each kind of shell as for example abalone, the sea scallop, the chicken leg spiral, the scissors shell and so on also are must eat the treasure. In the seashore view seascape, eats the seafood, Take the fishes and boils to eat at the same time, some flavor, truly realized to "fresh".
Li, Miao national minority's characteristic food also is a Sanya good food constituent, the coconut tree juice board blue cake, the Lebanon bamboo tube food, the three color rice of Miao, the coconut tree cup, the watermelon cup and so on, has the national characteristic extremely.

The introduces of some special features snack

East goat
Wool color is pitch-black, meat is fat and soup is thick, is greasy but not the mutton smell. Its delicacy it is reported is because the sheep eat special product Chinese francolin tea and so on the rare vegetation in Dongshan range. The East goat is on enjoyed the great reputation since the Song Dynasty, and once is listed as "the high quality goods", was one of four big famous cuisine of Hainan. East goat's food way is diverse, has stews in soy sauce east the goat, the consomme east the goat, the coconut tree juice the goat, dryly stir-fries stewing the East goat, Hits the chafing dish (hot pot) and so on many kinds of eating ways, has the characteristic respectively, cannot not use. Already became the Sanya staple food another tidal current.

Hele crab
Produced in the sea of the Sanya coast and the happy town, paste complete and meat is fat, plants rarely for other crabs, specially its fat, golden yellow glossy, especially like the heart of salt duck egg, the fragrance greets the nostrils, the nutrition is rich. The eating way of Hele crab is diverse, the most common food way is steams, dips the Ginger, garlic, vinegar, the original taste and flavour, beautifully in it. Compares with inland river crab, has two characteristics of Hele crab: One is the fat nearly entire turns round in the top plate, the paste nature is strong; But inland river crab paste nature rotten is soft, for massive, the quantity compares obviously with Hele crab. Two is the inland river crab pulp is superior but measures many. The Hele crab comes from in the pure south China sea, may be called in the sea which is accepted by the populace the valuable thing. Sanya will provide the fresh aggressive for the arrival visitor each kind of seafood.

Bamboo tube food
It is only did when the Lebanon family members to go far, climbs mountains goes hunting or entertains time the visitor. Take the "the fragrant rice" which is the center of Shanlan rice (One kind of upland rice)and matches the meats is a raw material, admits in bamboo tube which the fresh powder bamboo or the arundinaria japonicum saws, adds the right amount water, again uses the leaf of banana to stop up the bamboo tube mouth, in the charcoal fire blue bamboo burns to become. Suitably cooperates the fragrant food game is the meat of Chinese francolin, the venison, the mountain chicken, the snake meat, the mountain pork, Huang Rou and so on, the meat of Huangliang is most fragrant. At present, may taste the Li national minority bamboo tube fragrant food in Sanya's day deer character and style stronghold.

The Nada dog meat
It is delicacy which shares the honor with the Hainan four big famous cuisine. Here dog meat processing method and seasoning out of the ordinary, boils the dog, the meat tasty and bone is fragrant. The method of eating uses the hot pot generally. Its soup seasoning has tonic and the southern part of China unique seasoning 10 numbers and so on red jujube, codonopsis pilosula, Chinese matrimony-vine, pepper, ripe sesame seed plants, heats the ripe meat cutting and slicing under to soup seasoning and then eats, the fragrance is strong, the flavor from leaves.

Shark fin
After the shark fin processing seasons, Its cartilage strip becomes the rare marine product valuable thing - shark fin. The shark fin is the marine products of Hainan which has the characteristic very much, its economic value is very high, the tasty upper opening, the food may effectively suppress violation human body each kind of germ to reproduce, suppression malignant tumor proliferation.

Likes perching in the transparency is good, the salinity high sea area, the Sanya various harbors islands all can see its trace. The trepang nutrition is rich, is one kind of high protein, the low fat, the low cholesterol senior precious marine products. Trepang food have diverse method to eat: Or burns, or braises, or cooks, Especially with the fresh egg is the most upper opening.

Is not the fish, in vivo characterless, is carrying the shell, is the shell mollusk, is rich in the horizon sea gnu range port beach coral reef group, because its shell edge has nine silver breath eyelet, therefore also has alternate name of "nine spirals". The abalone nutrition is extremely rich, is the flavor tasty senior nutritious marine products, has treats an illness the phlegm, the adjustment physiology function special effect. Abalone have diverse method to eat, fries, steams, explodes may. Like "the oil explodes abalone Ding" this Sanya characteristic famous cuisine, fell the innumerable restaurant patrons.

Red snapper fish
Also called the red snapper tube, is one kind of enzyme fish, is deeply liked by the Southeast Asia consumer and the general tourists is eaten with rice or bread the high-grade goods. The manufacture craft of red snapper fish is exquisite, extracts the fish cheek and the internal organs, and goes to the scale, with clear laundering three, forces in the straw paper in the fish mouth, with white thin paper in the dish, adds the little dried pork slices, the shredded ginger puts into the pot steams ripely. It is crisp, the pine, slides fragrant, is wonderful when eating.

Sour noodle soup
This is one kind ferments with the nature but causes the starch to produce the fine rice starch noodles which the certain quantity lactic acid to make. Puts the right amount starch noodles in the small bowl, again matches by the fragrant and mellow fresh shark fish fillet, the shrimp cake, the bean drum sauce, cloth flower Pickled cabbage silk, the ripe sesame oil, the willowed cotton shelled peanuts, the hot pepper, the vinegar. Its characteristic is the acid, spicy, fragrant, burns tastily, is tasty, the flavor fragrance, tasty taste is for ever.

Pig intestines powder
Slivers the intestines powder to the section, sets in the bowl, joins the above seasoning and the ingredient in turn right amount, mixes evenly to eat, the five senses are well distributed, the fragrance slides deliciously.

The ginger sugar sweet dumplings
Select high quality glutinous rice of local, after immerses in water for 1 hour to fish air dries, grinds to the fine dust with the stone mill, presses to the general small vermicelli; Selects the high quality peanut, the sesame seed, the coconut tree silk pounds to the scrap, the permeating powder brown sugar, with powder piece to the thumb big circular sweet dumplings served in soup; Joins the right amount ginger piece in the iron saucepan boiling water, the sweet dumplings served in soup falls the pot latter 15 minutes then to be possible to fish; In bowl edible, joins the right amount ginger syrup, the flavor cool is delicious.

Sanya Cuisine picture

East goat in brown sauce Hele crab Bamboo tube food
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