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Beautiful Spring Spa Resort Hotel, Sanya

Customer Testimonial

Dear Sindy,
Great choice: Sanya is beautiful, a World-class tourist destination. Blue sea, white sand, coconut trees:  it is really the paradise of Asia.
We are very satisfied for Chinahotels service and we are very happy for hotel recommended by you and for our great vacance.
Thanks for all your advices.
David Terence, Australia


All services offered by Sanya Hotels bring to the forefront satisfaction and respect for the customer. This reservation system is designed to ensure customer convenience and absolute certainty for reservations for hotels in China. Everything is handled with the utmost seriousness and with the utmost care of the customer. At any time you can also confirm, modify or cancel a reservation call directly for: 0086-577-88555070.

Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel

Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel
Days Hotel &Suites Sanya Resort

Days Hotel &Suites Sanya Resort
Sanya Shengyi Hotel

Sanya Shengyi Hotel
Eadry Resort Hotel,Sanya

Eadry Resort Hotel,Sanya

Situated in the south of Chinese tropical island of Hainan, Sanya is famous for its white beaches and is surnamed the "Hawaii of Asia". Sanya Bay, Da Dong Hai Resort e Yalong Bay are the coastline of Sanya and are the best beache of China. Well connected by flight with Chinese and international airports, the travelers wich came in Sanya escape from cool winter to join the warm and the sunshine. The elements of Sanya are clear water, blue sky, long coastline, sunshine 300 days in the year, and also the tropical fruits, the diving, the sand, the coconut trees.The Sanya hotels often are located on the beach and  their services and their environment are very appreciated from visitors of all the world.

Hotel Name Star Price Book Here
Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel111USDBook
Days Hotel &Suites Sanya Resort111USDBook
Sanya Shengyi Hotel85USDBook
Eadry Resort Hotel,Sanya122USDBook
Holiday Inn Sanya Bay Resort98USDBook
Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya(Hot Spring Resort)0USDBook
Dragon Bay Hotel Sanya0USDBook
Sheraton Sanya Resort310USDBook
Palm Beach Resort & Spa108USDBook
Pearl River Garden Hotel, Sanya93USDBook
Sanya Holiday Resort59USDBook
Sanya International Hotel70USDBook
Herton Seaview Hotel- Sanya81USDBook
Xinxing Garden Hotel Sanya38USDBook
Sanya Marina Hotel127USDBook
Sanya Luhuitou Guesthouse & Resort124USDBook
Harvest Seaview Hotel Sanya46USDBook
Grand Soluxe Hotel & Resort Sanya125USDBook
Sanya Nanshan Hotel100USDBook
Serenity Coast Resort Sanya191USDBook
Sanya Gayue Laydon Seaview Hotel0USDBook
Grand Metro Park Bay Hotel Sanya0USDBook
Universal Resort Sanya87USDBook
Lan Resort SanYa105USDBook
Resort Intime, Sanya73USDBook
Sea Area Central Resort Hotel, Sanya51USDBook
BaoSheng Seaview Hotel51USDBook
Resort Golden Palm, Samya71USDBook
Tianze Beach Resort, Sanya58USDBook
Golden Phoenix Sea View Hotel - Sanya65USDBook
Hainan Long Mu Bay Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hotel0USDBook
Sanya Hyton Hotel52USDBook
Mingshen Jinjiang Gaoerfu Hotel Sanya103USDBook
Sanya Romantic Seaview Hotel37USDBook
Sanya South China Hotel57USDBook
Baohong Hotel, Sanya79USDBook
February Sea Seaview Hotel, Sanya44USDBook
Sanya Dongsheng Business Hotel38USDBook
Blue Ocean Silver Beach Hotel - Sanya0USDBook
Landscape Beach Hotel71USDBook
Harvest Qilin Hotel Sanya46USDBook
Cactus Resort, Sanya57USDBook
Guoxi Hotel, Sanya46USDBook
Resort Horizon, Sanya219USDBook
Mangrove Tree Resort ,Yalong Bay268USDBook
China Hainan (Sanya)Aolisai Hotel22USDBook
The International Asia Pacific Convention Center & HNA Resort Sanya79USDBook
Donggang Seaview Hotel40USDBook
JOYA international Hotel, Sanya31USDBook
Narada Resort Spa Qixian Mount, Hainan109USDBook
Huangjindao Hotel, Sanya35USDBook
Emerging Seaview Hotel, Sanya31USDBook
Sanya Zhouheng Hotel46USDBook
Lingshui Golden Bay Hotel0USDBook
Double Tree Resort by Hilton Qixianling Hot Spring0USDBook
Yelan Bay Resort44USDBook
Wantai holiday hotel, Sanya25USDBook
Sanya fusi business hotel19USDBook
Relax-inn In, Sanya39USDBook
Xin Haojing Hotel, Sanya30USDBook
Sanya Banshan Jinjiang Haijing Dujia Hotel0USDBook
Yuhai Hotel Sanya27USDBook
Tianfuyuan Resort Sanya54USDBook
Sanya Le Parker International Hotel119USDBook
Yiyang Nantian Hot Spring Resort Hotel64USDBook
Water Industry Seaview Hotel ,Sanya49USDBook
yuhai international hotel63USDBook
Nanshan Leisure Villas, Sanya103USDBook
Leaguer Resort Sanya Bay73USDBook
Rising Triumph Hotel84USDBook
Phoenix Airport Express Hotel, Sanya47USDBook
Haiyue Bay Holiday Hotel, Sanya41USDBook
Boutique Resort, Sanya103USDBook
Sanya Huahong Hotel0USDBook
Sanya Dongfang Haijing Hotel0USDBook
Sanya Huayuan Wenquan Dujia Hotel0USDBook
Pullman Sanya Yalong Bay Resort & Spa0USDBook
Sanya Shamrock Inn25USDBook
Hong Hai Family Hotel - Sanya16USDBook
Fenxiang Zhijia Inn - Sanya30USDBook
Yuanfang Inn Dadonghai - Sanya36USDBook
Youth Bean Family Hotel - Sanya25USDBook
Blue Harbor Seaview Apartments - Sanya25USDBook
Timton International Hotel - Sanya79USDBook
Yiyuan Xuanyu Hotel - Sanya68USDBook
Baoting Rainforest Fairyland Resort & Spa Qixian Mount135USDBook
Wenchang Mangrove Bay Resort0USDBook
Mingdao Hechuan Hot Spring Resort0USDBook
Boundary Island Fishing Club0USDBook
The Tang Hotel Hainan Mount Qixian0USDBook
BaoTin Qi Xian Yao Chi Hot Spring Resort0USDBook
Baolong National Forest Park Lotus Mountain Villa0USDBook
Eainbow Guesthouse24USDBook
Jinjiang Inn SanYa Jiefang Road28USDBook
SanyaCoastal Inn Dadonghai1588USDBook
Walker Inn Sanya0USDBook
Muhai Inn0USDBook
Yuelai Hostel Sanya Shui'an33USDBook
Danya Clover Hostel0USDBook

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