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Beautiful Spring Spa Resort Hotel, Sanya

Sanya Hotel:
Sanya Shanhaitian Hotel
  Rate 99USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Days Hotel &Suites Sanya Resort
  Rate 98USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Sanya Shengyi Hotel
  Rate 76USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Eadry Resort Hotel,Sanya
  Rate 108USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Holiday Inn Sanya Bay Resort
  Rate 88USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Haitang Bay Gloria Sanya(Hot Spring Resort)
  Rate 0USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Dragon Bay Hotel Sanya
  Rate 0USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Sheraton Sanya Resort
  Rate 276USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Palm Beach Resort & Spa
  Rate 96USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Pearl River Garden Hotel, Sanya
  Rate 83USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Sanya Holiday Resort
  Rate 52USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Sanya International Hotel
  Rate 62USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Herton Seaview Hotel- Sanya
  Rate 72USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Xinxing Garden Hotel Sanya
  Rate 34USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Sanya Marina Hotel
  Rate 113USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Sanya Luhuitou Guesthouse & Resort
  Rate 110USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Harvest Seaview Hotel Sanya
  Rate 41USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Grand Soluxe Hotel & Resort Sanya
  Rate 111USD ›› Book Now
Beijing Yuexiu Hotel
Sanya Romantic Seaview Hotel Harvest Qilin Hotel Sanya Cactus Resort, Sanya
Sanya Romantic Seaview Hotel
Standard Room: 240¥
Garden-view Standard Room: 260¥
Harvest Qilin Hotel Sanya
Superior Standard Room: 238¥
Deluxe Garden Room:258¥
Cactus Resort, Sanya
Superior Hill-view Room: 358¥
Superior Garden-view Room: 378¥
Sanya Hotels Introduction Travel guide

Geography: Sanya is located in the southernmost point of Hainan Isle and has area 1918 sq. Sanya is located among hills, quiet rivers and little islands. Sanya is famous for its gorgeous bays, white-sand beach and turquoise sea water

Flora: Sanya has 850,000 acres of green mountains and many species of tropical plants. The Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden boasts over 1,200 tropical plants. Dongtian Park has 30,000 Dragon Blood trees (many are 2,000 years old).

Fauna: in Sanya there are rare birds and animals play in the many wildlife reserves on the island. 340 varieties of bird, 80 species of animals, including the black crowned gibbon, deer, ocean birds and 600 rhesus monkeys in their reserve.

Sanya Climate

Climate: the best time to visit Sanya it is from November to March of next year, there is long summer and no winter. Here you can really enjoy the summer day time in the winter. Annual average temperature is 25.4? Tropical monsoon climate.

Sanya Attractions

Attractions: the best attractions in Sanya are Natural Landscapes of Big and Small Rock Caves, Wuzhizhou island, Nanwan monkey island, Ends of the earth (Tianya Haijiao), the Asian dragon bay (Yalong bay), the Luhuitou Park with its deers.

Sanya Tourism

Tourism: in the last year, Sanya received about 5,384,300 tourists with an increase of 34.3 percent. From tourism foreign income 240 million US dollars. The international arrivals was 522,000 from over 100 countries around the world

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Hotels: Sanya will have a capacity of more than 10 million tourists per year, actually there are a total of 172 hotels: 7 five-star, 20 four-star level, 70 at three-star and below. Many hotels are building: next year the 5 star hotels in Sanya will be 21.

Sanya Airport

Airport: Sanya Phoenix International Airport is located 11km northwest of Sanya downtown area. Currently, it has opened 106 flights: 103 domestic lines and 3 international fixed lines as well as more than 20 temporary lines for chart flight

Sanya Shopping

Shopping: the products more requested are handicrafts made of shells, the rare seawater pearl, the crystal products of Sanya. The principal shopping centers are usually found in Jiefang Road and Hongqi Street and near scenic spots.

Sanya Food

Food: obviously the special dishes of Sanya are seafood dishes and tropical fruit. The three treasures of Sanya cuisine are abalone, trepang, shark fin. The four famous dishes: wenchang chicken, east goat, aggradation duck, and happy crab.

Sanya Amusement

Amusement: in Sanya the sea is warm during all year, all activities on the sea are indicated for tourists: ,diving, surfing, swimming, ecc. The nightlife is also rich: many open-air bars and the teahouse with music, KTV, song and dance bar

Sanya Festivals

Festivals: The lunar calendar in July seventh day there is grand marriage ceremony where the couples do each other pledge of eternal love. Nan mountain longevity culture festival: other festival in September ninth day (lunar calendar).

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